Updated June 19, 2010

Updated the vacation pages. Added data on consulting business.

Added some new links with write ups.

This web page is supported by Bruce and Mary Black to introduce you to my consulting business, the Black family, our hobbies, and other interests. We hope you will find this site interesting and entertaining. It is our effort to help you get to know us and what our interests are.

CAPE TRACKINGBlack Engineering Services, which provides design and programming services...

I am an electronics design engineer and have my own consulting business. The business and I are fully licensed by the state of Florida. Please visit BLACK ENG. SVCS.

We are located in Largo, Florida and have served the business community for over 35 years. Please visit our link for more details about the business and it's capabilities.

I have been involved in the design and programming of tracking systems. Cool huh! So ------>


We all need a vacation once in a while so yours truly along with my bride's consent decided to make it a three week trip to Ireland and Scotland.. Unlike our other trips this one required planning when we discovered it coincided with Homecoming Scotland and the clan Campbell family reunion. As a consequence that became a part of the Holiday also. So join us on our vacation and see some of our adventures that we had by clicking on the following link. VACATION 2009


Theater and Acting...

Several years back my best friend from high school handed me some tickets to the local little theater. Before long I found myself on the board of directors and then ultimately I found myself on stage performing. WOW I am just sorry that I didn't try this sooner because it is a lot of fun. Little did I know, any way here is one of my favorite hangouts. FRANCIS WILSON PLAYHOUSE Just for fun I was in G&S's Patience in October at the Tarpon Springs Performing Arts center and in December I was in “A Christmas Carol”. Currently am working with the play reading committee for the 2011-1012 season.

Clearwater High School ( Florida )

I always thought that dear old CHS needed some kind of web page. Since I am setting up my own server and domain name, why not! CHS

The Black Family.

Lately I have been taking an interest in family history and working on Genealogy. So we have a link to the family pages, FAMILY GENEOLOGY


Here are some of my favorite links which are totally a function of my personal interests, such as History, religion, electronics, and other esoterica!!

National Interests Library of Congress, great for history buffs.

History Historical, royalty and junk. Great site for Scottish and UK history through the ages

Electronics Tesla coils and a lot of links to same. I also hold an amateur license - N4RSQ

CHURCH Am I Presbyterian by accident or heritage? A question for the genealogy search.

U of F Last but not least, the place where I really wised up!